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Professional Pearl Makeup Brush Sets

Professional Pearl Makeup Brush Sets

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Professional Pearl Makeup Brush Sets Synthetic Brushes.

Makeup brushes set Professional, 15-25pcs, Natural Synthetic, Foundation Powder Concealer, Contour, Eyeliner, Eyebrow, Highlighter, Make up Brush, Eyeshadow blending brush, Pearl Black/Silver

Complete Makeup Brush set, includes:

3pcs * Foundation Brushes ;2pcs * Powder Brushes;4pcs * Contour & Blusher Brush;1pc * Highlighter Brush ;2pcs * Concealer Brush ;6pcs * Blending Brush ;4pcs * Eyeshadow Brush;3pcs * Eyebrow Brush & Eyeliner Brush.

This Series is Inspired by Luxury Deep-Sea Pearls and Adds Pure Natural Pearl Powder to The Brush Handle.

These makeup brushes, can bring The Luxury Texture and Beauty to All Makeup Lovers!.

Strong Ability to Grasp Powder:

What makes our makeup brushes strong ability to grasp powder products? Palace Premium's Natural-Synthetic Bristles are comprised of Premium Natural Wool and Bionic Nanofibers.

The Natural Characteristic of wool endows it with a lot of special scaly structures, which can significantly increase the force of friction and thereby trap as much powder as possible.

In other words, this ability will not only significantly increase the saturation of the colour when applying makeup but also enhance the gradation effect of blending eyeshadow.

Super Flexibility For Better Application:

A simple way to Distinguish whether a Makeup Brush is good or not is to observe its Application Ability.

Our brush is composed of hair with different silk warp and waviness besides, by applying Palace Premium's Exclusive Technology Ratio, the density and softness of the bristle on each brush have been carefully Crafted & Calculated to ensure that it performs well in corresponding to the makeup purpose.

It is Extremely Flexible and can be applied to products such as cream or liquid foundation to make it evenly distributed without leaving marks.

Ultra Soft and Skin Friendly:

How about we use a metaphor? Like, how is the feeling of petting your Dog? or Cat?.. Smooth, Fluffy, Soft that makes you want to pet it ALL DAY LONG? Yes, that is literally the feeling of our Natural-Synthetic Hairs, The mix of Wool and Nanofiber's can bring you an Incredibly comfortable feeling on your face as well as eyelids when applying makeup products. Besides, The Bristles can be used on any skin type, even the most sensitive ones, so you enjoy the Softness of The Bristles and use them in Confidence!.

Apply your everyday eye makeup by using Palace Premium's Natural & Synthetic Brush Set, you will not only get the Super Superior Softness and Strong powder catching ability from The Brushes, but also the Detangling Benefits of The Synthetic Bristles, The Bristles are Highly Gentle & high dense, and hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive skin too!.

Tips On Cleaning:

Brush cleaning water ( below 40 Celsius ) , and not to exceed 3/4 of the brush head.

Reshape and let it dry upside down to avoid any water remaining in the ferrule

Do not put brush handle in the water to avoid brush broken .

About Makeup Brush Hair illustrate:

Few pieces floating on the brushes, no shedding after tidying or washing If you encounter this problem please tidy and wash the brush in correct way.

Kindly understand that natural hair is much easier to fall due to its natural characteristic but, Palace Premium have patented its Technology to reduce this problem, so please do not worry.


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